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"...Kay Burningham’s painstaking studies unfolded for her, and now her readers, the details of a grotesque fraud of cosmic proportions masquerading under a charitable façade of public spirited nobility. In her book, Kay demonstrates for the world to see, how a reasonable application of the law should be applied to the “affinity fraud” of Mormonism, whose very continued existence employs the quiet acquiescence of government officials and judicial officers whose canons of ethics demand of them a higher standard than to allow this fraud to continue unchecked.

An American Fraud: One Lawyer’s Case against Mormonism, is, ..., an historically significant work that calls out the most insidious fraud of American culture for what it is. It is a timeless masterpiece, and will be associated with the beginning of the end of Mormonism in years to come.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Testimony Glove—a Despicable New Brain Washing Technique?

Lets all wear a white glove, just like Michael Jackson did!

“Unfortunately large numbers of people all over the world have been specifically taught in childhood not to think, because thinking would lead to questioning the certainties of the elders, and this has not been allowed in most cultures.” --- Brock Chisholm

            Oh that propaganda never stops and it starts at age four! This is a feeble attempt to equate Joseph Smith, an acknowledged Lothario, with the Creator of the Universe and Jesus Christ, who if not the Son of God was certainly a stellar example of sacrifice and love of humanity.  And then, to add the hollow edifices of Mormonism and the current elderly leader, a man who, but for claiming his post in the ranks for decades proves that he is nothing more than a blind follower with stamina.  And for the little girls—nobody to emulate, no notice is taken. 

            Since obviously a book is not enough, how much more effective is the glove as a means of instilling rote verbiage in the minds of naturally inquisitive children in order to keep these young peoples’ minds focused on Mormonism’s party line and away from the natural questioning of a healthy youth.  This obvious brainwashing ply should be abhorrent to even the most devout of Mormons.

            This new Mormon tool enables the use of a longstanding principle of re-education: repetition.  By repeating the same language or mantra over and over until it is known by heart, ignoring the cognition which should accompany such a declaration of certitude, “I know that this is the one and only true church,” etc., one is more nearly able to ensure adherence to the true-believers’ cult-like fanaticism.  It has always been, in my opinion, especially mendacious to uses such a ply on the young. 

            When young minds are naturally inquisitive and curious, shutting them down and locking the door with meaningless absolutisms is a crime against nature, and should be one against the law of the land. The standard Mormon testimony uttered in drone-like manner by young children and usually accompanied by promptings and/or rewards from parents in order to ingrain the Religion’s credo can only be characterized as a despicable form of child abuse.

            As a proponent of real education for these children, I believe that in the public schools, in either 4th or 5th grade, children should be instructed in a survey of world religion and philosophy, including secular humanism.  Then, in junior high or middle school, an in-depth study of the many ways of viewing the world and one’s relationship to it, should be taught by qualified teachers of philosophy, epistemology and sociology.  This instruction is every bit as important as mathematics and science.  This instruction might just counter the one-sided fanaticism inculcated in Mormon households throughout Utah.

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